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Individual consultation

Consultation in case of stress, anxiety or panic related to  birth

Due to circumstances, consultations are not possible until September

The consultation takes approximately 1.5 hours. It is advisable to follow it together with your partner or someone important to you. You can have this consultation in English.

The consultation is based on  dr. Katarzyna Irena Veringa's scientific and clinical knowledge about anxiety and stress, and 25 years of experience in midwifery care. On the basis of  transpersonal analysis ("transpersonal" could be described as that which transcends the personal), in which all important experiences of you and the course of your life are taken into account, we look for the core of your request for help. This is the durable way to heal stress, anxiety or panic.

Mindfulness and compassion exercises provide you with the tools to regain your strength.

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Costs and location

First consultation costs €150 (1.5 hours)
Follow-up consultations €100 per hour

Amounts include VAT
Unfortunately, these consultations are not reimbursed by Dutch health insurers
Consult with us if you have any problems with payment

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More information about consultations

Stress and aniety before the birth

Feelings of anxiety and stress in (upcoming) pregnancy, birth and/or motherhood can be quite normal. After all, this is the most transformative period in woman's life, a period in which everything changes! But sometimes these feelings can no longer be reasoning away, and anxiety and stress arise. This can distort logical thinking, balanced feeling, making decisions, daily functioning and enjoying life and being pregnant.

The most common form of anxiety is constant seeking reassurance, poor sleep, irritability, self-criticism, guilt, worrying, and avoidance of anything related to these fears. Anxiety and stress prevent us from thinking clearly. We cannot deal any more with the not knowing what the future will bring and we search for solutions or even take steps that are not zo healthy. And in this way causing even more stress and suffering.

Sress and anxiety after the birth

Anxiety and stress after birth can lead to trauma and /or depressive feelings in the mother and to poor attachment with the baby. The relationship with the partner is also strained, partly because of these experiences. Often there is a need to present the course of the delivery to another professional. Gently returning to birth experiences, using the wisdom of mindfulness and compassion, can reduce anxiety and stress and improve well-being.

Fear is a messenger

A  consultation focused on body and mind reveals what really concerns you and what you need to be resilient, calm and gentle in your transition into motherhood. You will be helped to experience your pregnancy, the birth of your child and shared parenthood with your partner more consciously, more wisely. This wisdom will come from your mind and your heart.